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Hadoop Data Analytics: 10 Reasons Why It’s Important for Business

Posted by sroestam pada Juli 12, 2011

By Chris Preimesberger on 2011-07-01

Hadoop, the data analytics-for-huge-data-sets invention of Apache Chairman Doug Cutting that found its original home at Yahoo, made some big news this week at the fifth annual Hadoop Summit in Santa Clara, Calif. First, it was revealed that Hadoop officially—but not “spiritually”—will break away from Yahoo and be shepherded by a new VC-funded company called Hortonworks, named after the Dr. Seuss elephant character.

Secondly, the Hadoop technology has gone from a science project to mainstream business in five years. Hortonworks is an appropriate name for the new company because it is congruent with Hadoop itself—which is named after the stuffed toy elephant that belongs to Cutting’s young son.†

Apache Hadoop is an open-source software framework built in Java that works with distributed data-intensive applications. It enables applications to scale securely in order to handle thousands of nodes and petabytes of data. More and more businesses are finding out that they need to analyze their stored data to help them make better business decisions. A number of Hadoop distributions are now available. Some of them are mentioned in the following slide show, which touches on some of the key points in the five-year development history of this open-source software.

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