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Microsoft ternyata juga menjadi Pengembang Software Open Source

Posted by sroestam pada Januari 13, 2011

Microsof sebagai perusahaan software terbesar di dunia, ternyata sekarang juga ikut menjadi Pengembang Software Open Source, diantaranya adalah software Content Management System (CMS).

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January 13 is the launch of Microsoft’s WebMatrix open-source-friendly Web-development tool bundle. But that’s not the only new open-source Microsoft deliverable that’s hitting today.

Microsoft also is releasing the 1.0 version of its free, open-source “Orchard” content-management system (CMS). Like WebMatrix, Orchard’s goal is to require users to do less coding, making the product appealing for a less techie audience, Microsoft is hoping.

Orchard was the successor to Microsoft’s “Oxite” open-source CMS system. In December last year, Microsoft moved Orchard from its own CodePlex repository to the Outercurve Foundation. Microsoft “donated” Orchard to the Foundation, saying it was making a three-year support commitment. The dedicated project team, comprised of a handful of Microsoft employees, is being assigned full-time to the Foundation for that period.

Orchard is designed to help users create and manage Web sites, with customization possible via the browser-based editing tools built into the product. Orchard is built as an ASP.Net Model View Controller (MVC) 3 application, using the “Razor” view templates and SQL CE 4 for data storage. (Razor and the new compact SQL are both parts of the WebMatrix tool set.)

WebMatrix is a bundle of a lightweight version of Microsoft’s IIS Web Server, known as IIS Express; an updated version of SQL Server Compact Edition; and a new “view-engine option” for ASP.Net, known as “Razor,” which enables developers to embed Visual Basic or C# within HTML.

Microsoft announced the launch of WebMatrix, Orchard, MVC 3, the NuGet (previously known as NuPack) open-source package manager, and other Web-development tools and tidbits at the CodeMash conference in Ohio today. For more technical details about the products, see Corporate Vice President Scott Guthrie’s blog post on the launch.

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