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ASEAN COST Workshop to Draft Implementation Plan of Flagship Programmes

Posted by sroestam pada Mei 5, 2011

The ASEAN COST Workshop to Draft Implementation Plan of Flagship Programmes was held at the Novotel Hotel, Bandung, Indonesia, on 3-4 May 2011. The Workshop was formally opened by the Indonesia Minister of Science and Technology HE Suharna Surapranata, by striking a gong.

The six ASEAN COST Flagship Programmes are:

  1. Early Warning System for Disaster Risk Reduction with Indonesia as the lead Country
  2. Development and Application of Open Source with Indonesia as the lead Country
  3. Biofuels with Malaysia as the lead Country
  4. Functional Food withThailand as the lead Country
  5. Health with Singapore as the lead Country
  6. Climate Change with Philippines/Vietnam as the lead Countries
The following is the detailed program of the OSS Development and Application:
  1. To create greater general awareness and adoption of legal and affordable OSS-based product and services, and open standards
  2. To increase the capacity of the region in developing OSS and in supporting OSS efforts.
  3. To increase cooperation and collaboration in information technology development research especially in the field of open source-based software development that is related to R&D areas of specific interest to each country.
  4. To foster technological innovation and entrepreneurship in the loval/regional open source software industry.
  5. To propmote e-governance and a knowledge-based society.
  6. To improve and accelerate access to and sharing of  information among ASEAN countries.
The workshop to draft ASEAN COST Implementation Plan of the Flagship Programmes was formally closed by Prof Syamsa on Wednesday, 4 May 2011.

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